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Glinis "Ena" Love formerly known as Glinis Ena Mays is a native of Texas and a mother of three. Love is a writer, poet, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, humanitarian, and founder of the Something About Love Foundation. In 2010, Ena moved to Los Angeles, California and founded All That Is Entertainment (a record label and music recording studio). Several artists were signed to the record label while Ena worked on her first book.


Something About Love (a book of poetry) was officially released on Valentine's Day, 2019. The poetry is a spiritually rooted and infused with pearls of inspiration and motivation. Ena is publishing her personal collection of poetry with the intention to heal others. Ena writes poetry about love, peace, positivity, being your best self, and life experiences that everyone can relate to. The author has also established the Something About Love Foundation. Through the Foundation, proceeds of book sales will be used to gift the book to the homeless, people in group homes and shelters, rehabilitation centers, those who are incarcerated, and wounded military veterans. Love states "the purpose of life is love".


The path to love is through understanding and when we understand life we heal and ultimately find peace". Love is on a mission of love to heal the world!  In 2015, she journeyed around the world in 40 days to bring the the energy of the world into the book. Photographs from the trip will be used to illustrate the book. Love calls herself a student of life in service to humanity. She works to assist others in finding inner peace, self love, and the joy of life.

A Message of Love From The Author

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